Site Mission Statement - g2iSite Photography
view from a hotel window

I've been a photographer for most of my life, with a few gap periods to raise kids and get my career going in engineering.  My dad handed an old Yashica Twin Lens Reflex down to me, and I followed him around on hikes up mountains and trails, searching for the elusive wild flower.  Macro photography and black and while darkroom film processing were my earliest endeavors with photography.

Photography re-entered my life in a big way about ten years ago during a tough period in my life, as an outlet for my creative energies.  My mother surrounded us with crafts and hobbies growing up, and I seem to find my way back to them in some form, whether photography, woodworking, or gardening.  But photography is at my core.  It's very much a part of me, and I hope the work on this site shares a bit of myself.

This site presents my work via two portals- blog and portfolio. Exploring through blog will match words with images, reflecting on technique, experiences, even telling stories. One can easily jump off blog and into portfolio, and readers are encouraged to leave comments and reactions as well. Portfolio is divided into two categories, curated and streaming. Think of streaming as a set of theme-based "realtime" image tickers that have no determined end. Think of curated as a set of focused and finite-sized exhibition galleries. One of my curated galleries, "Light Conversations", was featured in a recent "Enlightened Vision" online (iPad) photography digital magazine (though I am hiding it for 12 months to let the published version have time on the market for the publisher). I will be exhibiting one of these curated galleries at my favorite local restaurant, Strip-T's, later this year (Thanks Paul!). While all images on this site may be purchased through the SmugMug inline storefront, my focus (no pun intended) with this site is not for financial gain. Having a place to provide an outlet for my creative energies, an exercise that from image search and capture, through editing, reflection, and presentation, soothes me. And if by chance, others absorb any form of value (beyond image stealing!), all the better. Being a woodworker, I can also take custom orders for personally designed and individually produced wooden framing for these images. I hope you can make the time to take a look, leave a message, and hopefully enjoy!